Die Nüburg

On the Nürburgring

Along 24,433 kilometers tradition, nature and suspense blend into a unique experience. Over 300 meters of elevation catapult the driver in his race car from the deep valleys of the Eifel up to the mountain tops of the Hohe Acht and back. The unique race track deep in the heart of the volcaneous Eifel fascinates racing drivers and motorsports fans from all around the world alike. During the over 70 years of its existence, a large part of modern motorsports history has been written here. The Era of the Mercedes silver arrows and Auto Union cars, the victories of Rudolf Caracciola in the 50īs and the evolution of modern formula racing.

Start und Ziel Boxengasse Boxenampel Boxenampel

But also great dramas and tragedies are linked to the Nürburgring. The tragic fire accident of Niki Lauda 1976 ended F1 racing on the Nordschleife. But at the same time this terrible accident was a start signal for renewal and the development to modern formula sports. 1984 the new GrandPrix track opens, a complete new design, which brings new safety standards and technologies for drivers and fans to the Eifel. Middle of the 90īs the Formula 1 returned to the Ring and today the Nürburgring is again an internationally renowned track.

The 24 hours race on Nürburgring in the light of media

The media broadcast on the race circuit and 24h race is growing steadily year by year. In 2012 10 TV broadcasters reported nearly 20 hours from the endurance race in the Eifel nation wide. More than 8 million people watched the action packed and thrilling racing event on their tv screens.

Internationally more than 160 TV broadcast companies put the event on air and kept motorsport fans in 219 countries up to date. The 24h race has been comprehensively reported and illustrated in about 2.000 press articles. The vast interest of fans got reflected by 5 mio page impressions of 24h race Nürburgring internet web site.

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