Nissan 350z in der Boxengasse

Endurance Championship Nürburgring

The BFGoodrich Langstreckenmeisterschaft Nürburgring series brings real racing back to the fans. Hands on racing experience at the legendary Nordschleife of the Nürburgring revives old racing traditions. Access to pit lane and the paddock offers a real racing flair. No modern media entertainment obstructs the view on unfiltered motorsports.

Nissan 350z in der Boxengasse

In 10 endurance races of up to six hours, many winners are determined in different racing classes on the classical Nordschleife and the modern grand prix race track combined for almost 25 km of thrilling motor sports. Each race is watched by over 30.000 enthusiastic visitors. In the pit lane technical details are analysed and discussed together with the drivers. Which gear ratio enables the best grip at the Quiddelbacher Höhe or in the Karussel? Which engine setup hurls the race car through Kesselchen and again back the the Hohe Acht the fastest? Is the driver able to rest and concentrate enough for the next stint in order to win? These are the questions, which decide success or failure and are answered directly to the visitors of the Langstreckenmeisterschaft.

Allways changing track conditions make the Nordschleife to one of the most challenging but also attractive race tracks of the world. Hate or love - other points of view of that track are not allowed.

Rennhelm Rear View Interview Race Cockpit

24 hours race

For quite a long time the 24 hours race has been the highlight of the Nürburgring season. Drivers and race cars from different race classes compete in the ultimate challenge of endurance racing. Extreme technical and physical requirements push each team to their max. Only the fittest will fight for the podium - for the victory you need a small amount of luck as well. To be part of the whole race family is one of the most important arguments for most drivers. Each year this community of racing enthusiasts grows and grows.

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