Roll Cages. We manufacture state of the art custom cages to your requirements, wishes and ideas.


Individual design and manufacturing

Exactly to your wishes and ideas we will develop a custom roll cage. All relevant and actual safety- and inspection regulations are considered during the complete planning and implementing phases. You will benefit from our comprehensive know how in modification of series cars and the fundamental bodywork of racing cars in different racing divisions.

Detail Überrollkäfig Detail Überrollkäfig Detail Überrollkäfig

We produce the following specification cages:

Roll cages incl. diagonals according to FIA/DMSB specification app. J, Art. 253.8 to 253.8.3 or 253.8.5 with FIA certificate (DMSB/MSA).

Components / material:

Seamless colddrawn Chrome Molybdene Steel 25CrMO4 , tensile strenght 788 N/mm², Main bar 45 x 2.5mm, other bars 40 x 2.0mm oder 40 x 1.5mm (837 N/mm²) acc. to Art. 253.8.3.

Roll cages incl. flank protection and are delivered unpainted. Painting or powder coating are available upon request.



Roll cages are connected to the chassis with min. 6 base plates. Additional fixtures can be added depending to regulations.

Please visit our shop for additional informationen for M2 Automotive roll cages.

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