Safety cell. We design state of the art custom safety cells to your requirements and wishes. The safety cell will be build individually for your vehicle and mounted in our premises. Thereby we are able to consider your specific request for design and material.


If you are only installing because you have to, unfortunately you won't find much support with us. There a plenty of hobby and backyard roll over protection structure builders that will sell you the bare minimum roll cage for a discounted price. The unfortunate thing about the definition of a roll cage is that predicting the direction and magnitude of the loads encountered by the bodyshell in an accident is very difficult. And in addition: You get exactly what you pay for with cage manufacturers. It is often said by experts in this industry 'you tell me how you're going to crash, and I'll design and build you the perfect cage'. This is only true if the accident is not TOO big. History shows that even the most comprehensive roll cages cannot prevent serious injury or fatality in some accidents. The important issue here though is to ensure a minor accident doesn't result in serious injury!

All from one source ...
You'll get a comprehensive service including planning, consulting, manfucturing, mounting and final inspection from one source. If you wish you will be involved into the whole development cycle. Your specific requirements will be combined with our long lasting know how. Based on this we will design the optimal solution and will implement that solution efficiently and fast.


We design safety cells with the following attributes:
Roll cages incl. flank protection, delivered unpainted. Painting or powder coating are available upon request.

Components / material:
Seamless colddrawn Chrome Molybdene Steel 25CrMO4, tensile strenght 788 N/mm², main bar 45 x 2.5mm, other bars 40 x 2.0mm or 40 x 1.5mm (837 N/mm²) acc. to Art. 253.8.3. FIA/DMSB spezification app. J.

The roll cage structure will also effect the handling and suspension tuneability of the car by stiffening the bodyshell and allowing the suspension to work more effectively.

We offer you:
• Complete bodyshell preparation including seam welding and strengthening
• Custom Roll Over Protection, complete safety cell
• Fabrication of custom components in St52 and 25CrMo4 Chrome-Moly
• Tube sales, Tube bending, Mig & Tig Welding
• Custom made seat mounts

Detail work
An elaborated planning is the basis for the work, which has to be conducted with an optimum of accuracy. The bodyshell has to be analysed, the correct mount points are marked and the safety cell is mounted adjusted by one millimeter. High value weldseams guarantee the stiffness of the whole package. Not before these constraints are fullfilled, the bodyshell is enforced successfully and the required safety level is achieved.

Detail Sicherheitszelle Detail Sicherheitszelle Detail Sicherheitszelle

Safety cell

M2 Automotive Development Center
Please visit us in our development center and let you be informed abut the most recent technical options. What can be made the most of your vehicle?

In which class you would like to race? What do you need really? Please visit our shop for additional information about M2 Automotive safety cells.

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