Safety. Stability. Know-how. Roll cages are specially designed and constructed frames built in a vehicle to protect the occupants from being injured in an accident, particularily in the event of a roll over. A roll cage can also do a great deal to reinforce and stiffen the chassis, which is desirable in racing applications. Construction and design of roll cages is an art. Only with a great deal of experience and knowledge, can the cage builder design the optimum and safe cage at the same time stiffening the chassis. Goal is to achieve maximum safety and stiffness at minimal weight.


Roll bar

Roll bars are single bars behind the driver that provide moderate roll over protection. Mostly used for road legal sports cars, track day vehicles or off road vehicles.


Roll cage

A roll cage is a specially constructed frame built inside a vehicle to protect the occupants from being injured in the event of an accident or roll over. Roll cages are mostly used in track day and racing cars. Roll cages normally are connected ( bolted or welded ) to the chassis with min. 6 points onto reinforced bases; alongside the a-pillar and b-pillar and at the rear onto the parcel shelf or rear top mounts.

For use in motorsports the design must be certified according to DMSB and / or FIA regulations. If a roll cage is massively extended with additional struts and bars it is commonly referred to as safety cell. Compared to a basic roll cage a safety cell offers much more protection and greatly increases chassis stiffness.


Safety cell

A weld in safety cell based on a basic roll cage design is the ultimate in protection for drivers and passengers. It incorporates all elements of a standard roll cage, plus many additional struts and bars to increase chassis stiffnes and improve occupant protection. Connections to front and rear suspension top mounts are added and greatly stiffen the shell. Also numerous bars are added such as a roof cross or diagonal, diverse crosses or diagonals between b-pillars or c-pillars. Ideally the safety cell design distributes and absorbs forces into the chassis or body shell. Crosses are reinforced by additional gussets.

Roll Cage Division

The roll cage division of M2 Automotive ideally combines years of experience and know how gathered first hand at the race track, with constant innovation and roll cage development. As a customer you can profit from this massive know-how. Let our specialists design and custom make the optimum roll cage for your purposes and requirements. Upgrade your car with a M2 Automotive racing roll cage or safety cell.

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