Actual pictures from races and events.

Nissan 350z RC 2009

Pictures from the VLN course on 17. October 2009

Rain and sun changes rapidly, when the Nissan 350z RC 2009 started his first race mission on the Nürburgring in the second half of the season. More pictures...

Nissan GT-R RRV

Pictures from the VLN course on 29. August 2009

Go for the race by the Nissan GT-R Rapid Response Vehicle on the Nürburgring. Martin Scheel started the second starter group of the VLN course on 29. August 2008 on the Nürburgring with the Nissan GT-R Rapid Response Vehicle. More pictures...

Nissan RRV

Pictures from the Nissan Rapid Response Vehicle on 14. August 2009

M2 Automotive produces the fastest fire fighting vehicle for Nürburgring. The vehicle has been handed over from Nissan to the Nürburgring GmbH on 14. August 2009. More pictures...

Nissan 350z RC

Pictures from Nissan 350z RC on 17. July 2009

The Nissan 350z RC is ready for season 2009 and had been tested successfully during the training session of the 40. Adenauer ADAC Rundstreckentrophy on 17. Juli 2009 on the Nordschleife. More pictures...

Recaro Tuning Days 2009

Pictures from Recaro Tuning Days an 21. June 2009

The M&M-Automotive motorsports team presents custom roll cages and several race cars on the Recaro Tuning Days 2009 at Nürburgring. More pictures...

The re-build

Pictures from the factory on 12. June 2009

The re-build of the Nissan 350Z is going on by big steps. The wedding between body shelf and engine with gearbox has taken place. More pictures...

The racecar

Pictures from the factory on 21. April 2009

The M2 Automotive Racing Team is getting ready the Nissan 350Z for the new season. More pictures...

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