Dynamics. Stresses. Limits. In each lap of the race the lateral acceleration pulls at the body of the driver and stresses the material to the limits of construction. High speed sectors call for the pure power of the engine and the aerodynamic capability of the whole package. The stability and durability of the brakes and the quality and setup of the suspension will be tested thousandfold at each racing event.

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Production and racing cars are tested for their quality and performance during uncounted testing hours. Teams of experts from different faculties test various setups and versions of parts. Again and again different configurations are checked and compared. Statistical evaluations and logged data from the computer data acquisition systems are analysed and carried out into new solutions and settings. Test drivers have to reproduce the same testing results on the race track again and again. They have to express their impressions very thoroughly to the engineers with subjective and objective analytical capabilities. One development stage will be evolved after another by this very close communication between drivers and technicians.



The required development stages will be worked out step by step exactly inline with the specifications. The intermediate results are tested continously. The permanent matching of achieved technical stages with the objectives of the development sets the direction. Intensive engagement with the requirements and the creativity of the engineers ensures real progress during the development life cycle. The general experiences for years are crucial for producibility and a successful implementation. 

Head of M&M Automotive

M2 Automotive

The company M2 Automotive offers all services to support the full development life cycle: Testing, development and support. M2 Automotive provides and maintains the technical and organisational environment. Customers encounter a broad and flexible infrastructure able to handle orders and work packages efficiently, on time and competitively.


The production department of M2 Automotive derives single components from the running development process and markets them as independent products. The racing enthusiasts improve their own car with these parts and modify the vehicle for racing or track use. The customer  benefits directly from the development know how of the M2 Automotive team. Please visit our shop, to choose the best fitting solution for you. Or contact us for a custom tailored solution.

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